Interpreting Services


Our team delivers thousands of bookings per month for clients across the country with qualified, vetted and experienced interpreters. We work very closely with the NHS and the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP), helping to service their language needs in over 270 languages and dialects (as well as a full range of non-spoken languages). We are accredited as a Crown Commercial Service supplier and registered on the ESPO, HTE and LPP frameworks. Our proven delivery model allows us to scale at speed in order to respond to new contract wins, and we regularly provide complex urgent/same-day bookings to law firms, courts, the police and more.

  1. Face to face interpreting

Prestige Network provides a reliable and well-regarded face to face interpreting service throughout the UK. The service includes:

  • Legal interpreting – for solicitors, courts and police forces
  • Event interpreting – for conference, trade shows and other events
  • Medical Interpreting – for NHS and Private Healthcare Providers
  • British Sign Language Interpreting
  1. Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting is a highly skilled, high-pressure form of interpreting whereby the linguist interprets at the same time as the speaker. It is most suited to long speeches, usually during international conferences, forums and presentations, in conjunction with specialist equipment to enable seamless interpretation. We can provide the necessary equipment for any number of event delegates, including earpieces, headsets, microphones, soundproof booths and more The equipment is standard across the industry and our interpreters are well-versed in its use, meaning no hiccups in the programming of your event.

  1. Telephone Interpreting

Face to face meetings with non-English speaking clients can be time-consuming and costly when factoring in the cost of an interpreter. Using a telephone interpreter is quick and easy and, if your meeting is rescheduled, there’s no cancellation fee. In most instances, unless it is a very rare language, you don’t need to book in advance or call until you actually need the service.
Some of the advantages of telephone interpreting are:

  • No travel expenses
  • No cancellation fee
  • Freephone number
  • Experienced interpreter
  • 24/7 availability on registration
  • Pre-book service or on demand
  1. Voice over services

This interpreting style, also known as Dubbing, uses a voice-over artist to read from a script that has been translated into the required language. It is then recorded onto DVD, audio CD or data CD. When organisations create instructional films, CDs, or websites, voiceover artists can be used to make this information available in other languages. We have the resources available to have your scripts recorded in over 200 languages. Voice recordings can be created in a variety of formats from DVD to .wav and MP3 files, audio CD or data CD.

  1. British Sign Language

In the UK the most common form of Sign Language is British Sign Language (BSL). BSL has its own grammatical structure and syntax; and as a language it is not dependent on, nor is it strongly related to, spoken English. Prestige Network’s British Sign Language Interpreters are highly skilled in their profession and well-practiced for working in stressful or sensitive situations. They are experienced in dealing with a variety of special needs requirements and can carry out consecutive or simultaneous interpreting.