Translation Services


Prestige Network is a leading provider of translation services, to both commercial and public sector organisations, serving the diverse and complex multi-media communication requirements of over 1,000 commercial businesses in the UK and internationally.

Through our global network of 4,000 professionally qualified and experienced linguists, we provide translation services in over 200 languages. We will select the most suitably qualified native speaking translator for you, with translation experience in your industry, giving you confidence that your communication will be accurately delivered and comfortably understood.

  1. Legal Translation 

Typically covers the translation of documents including contract agreements, immigration documentation, court orders, witness statements, articles of incorporation, wills, trusts, patents and more.

Legal translation, however, need not solely apply to the legal sector – every business generates its own legal work, from HR contracts to export licences and more. Our services also extend to interpreting, and we regularly provide interpreters to crown courts in London, Birmingham, Manchester and elsewhere.

  1. Finance Translation

Translation for finance can be anything from due diligence reports, annual reports, accounts, investment policies, legal contracts, equity and bond research statements, mergers and acquisitions, bids and tenders translations, investment portfolios, flotation and IPO collateral, investor relations calls. We deal with some of the world’s leading finance houses and are adept in the provision of innovative solutions to meet the unique demands of the industry. All our financial translations services are carried out in accordance with ESFS or SEC regulations

  1. Medical Translation

We have extensive experience of working in the public sector and medical translation is a large part of this. We only work with professional translators who have experience in the field of medicine and as always, sensitive and confidential information is treated in the strictest confidence. Our experience extends to hospitals and NHS trusts, pharmaceutical companies as well as private individuals who may have fallen ill whilst abroad.

  1. Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Multilingual desktop publishing is typically one of the last phases in a translation or localisation project and involves using the source language document to reproduce the layout in the target language(s) while performing all the necessary technical and cultural adaptations. The ultimate goal of desktop publishing is to deliver a document that looks as if it was originally created in the target language.

Content that usually needs Desktop Publishing:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Website content
  • Advertisements
  • Reports and Publications
  1. Transcription

Our Transcription service includes English transcription, whereby the English spoken word is accurately transcribed into the English written word, foreign language transcription, whereby the spoken word in a foreign language is transcribed into the written word and once your transcription is complete we can also provide you with a translation of the transcribed text, if required. Our extensive service includes the transcription of police interviews, telephone conversations, business meetings and audio to be used as voice-over/subtitling for on-screen productions.

  1. Website Localisation

Website visitors are four times more likely to purchase from a website in their own language, the need to translate your website content when expanding abroad has never been greater. Website translation plays a vital role in achieving this and localisation goes a step further by creating dedicated content which takes into account local culture, trends and tastes. Our website translation service can localise your entire site or individual pages and can help tailor your website to target specific cultural markets.